A Passion Becomes Business

Luigi Crespi, the company's founderLuigi Crespi, founder of Crespi Bonsai, became interested in bonsai in 1959 when in Europe this fascinating art was still practically unknown.
Having nurtured this passion for nearly twenty years and after much travelling in the Far East, he decided to transform his interest into a commercial activity in 1979.
The ambition was not only to spread an interest in these very beautiful plants, but also to make known the Oriental culture in which this ancient art form has its roots.
Today the interest in bonsai is enormously increased as even the demand for a more authentic relationship with the environment in which we live.
Crespi Bonsai has also grown but its philosophy has not changed: originating as a corner of the Orient at the doors of Milan, it has become a fertile meeting point between the different cultures of East and West in a deep and shared respect for nature.

Crespi Bonsai