Crespi Bonsai Special Exhibitions


The bonsai exhibition in Piazza Duomo (Milano)
respi Bonsai: a special exhibition in Milan, Piazza Duomo.
The only company dealing with bonsai, which has obtained the permission to realize an exhibition in the most important square of Milan.
Euroflora certificate of Honour (click to enlarge)
Among the significant prizes received by our company stand out the Euroflora prizes. Euroflora is the international exhibition of ornamental plants, renewed for the wide range of proposals, which takes place every 5 years in the exhibition pavilions of Genoa Fiera.

Gold Medal - Judges' Mention

First Honour Prize - Prize from Association International Producteurs de l'Horticulture (International Association of Horticulture Producers) - 4 Gold Medals - 1 Silver Medal

Special Prize EUROAMERIFLORA '91 - Silver Plaque from Savona Provincial Administration – 3 Gold Medals – 2 Silver Medals

Second Honour Prize – 4 Gold Medals – 7 Silver Medals

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"30 Hours for Life" is an initiative promoted by Associazione Italiana Mille Ore per la Vita O.N.L.U.S. (ONLUS Italian Association 1000 Hours for Life), a non profit-making association which has been working for 5 years to sustain the solidarity culture through the realization of assistance and research projects.
Poste Italiane (Italian Post) takes part again this year to the project and sustains by numerous initiatives Lega Italiana per la Lotta Contro i Tumori (Italian League for Fighting Against Tumour).
Poste Italiane thanks Crespi Bonsai for the hard work and the practical help through the donation of a great number of bonsai, to be offered to those who will deposit a congruous amount of money to the "Comitato 30 ore per la vita" – O.N.L.U.S. (ONLUS Committee 30 Hours for Life), by the Post Stand in Centro Commerciale Bonola.

Milan, September 12th 1999

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Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori (Italian League for Fighting Against Tumour)

Kind Attention Mr. Luca Crespi
Dear Sirs, I would like to thank you very much for your help and co-operation on the Children and Flowers’ Day, which took place on June 6th by the Public Gardens in Milan.
Our Association operates also with the support of those people who share our activity and help us in the realization of projects for fund raising. Those funds serve particularly to assist children affected by tumour and to give hospitality to those who come from all over Italy to receive out-patient treatments in the qualified oncology centers of Milan and surroundings.
I am grateful for your support and I am sure I can rely on your sensitiveness again in the future.
My best regards, also on name of the League.
Milan, June 1999


Crespi Bonsai