A Unique Accomplishment

Interior of one of the Crespi Bonsai's nurseries with bonsai and other trees
100,000 indoor and outdoor trees, including hundreds of important ones.
A very wide range of species evens as material to work on and companion grasses.
A wide choice of bonsai pots and trays, all of first quality, imported from the Far East. The precious Tokoname containers, Japanese handmade masterpieces, stand out among these.
From the practical tools kit for beginners to the valuable and indestructible Masakuni tools for more advanced amateurs: wide choice and guaranteed quality.
The Bonsan Line, result of Crespi Bonsai experience, including specific and absolutely natural products: fertilizers, both liquid and solid, curative solutions and decalcifying solutions.
Soil of various kinds: sands, akadama, kanuma, ketotsuchi, zeolite, pozzolana, etc.
A wide range of items from small natural cherrywood tables (antique and modern), to Japanese mats, landscape stones (suiseki and kikka-seki) for collectors, Oriental items in general, etc.
The landscape gardening with the careful study and combination of all the complements to achieve a complete and effective realization.
A careful spreading action as publishing activity, through the publication of magazines, books and specialized handbooks.
The Crespi Bonsai Museum, unique all over the world, to appreciate a precious collection of centuries-old trees, antique pots and books.
The Bonsai University, unique accomplishment in Europe, which offers a complete, professional teaching structure.
The numerous initiatives: periodical exhibitions of international importance, meetings with the most famous Japanese masters, entertainment’s for children to stimulate their interest in nature.
Crespi Bonsai can always offer the widest choice and the best advice and assistance - service.

Crespi Bonsai